How long does my finance check take?

No finance check in ireland is instant. Some providers claim to carry out instant finance checks. These are incomplete and not verified. Cartell provides a complete and verified finance check and it usually takes about 4 mins. Sometimes we need to contact the finance house to verify the result further and this can only be done during working hours. When this is the case, your finance result will be complete the following working morning.

How do I receive my Finance result?

When the finance check has been verified by the bank, we will send you a free text message to the mobile phone number you provided. You will also automatically get an email with the result.

What finance information do I get?

When you do a finance check with Cartell, we will tell you if the vehicle is clear of finance or not clear of finance. We verify the finance with every bank and because of Data Protection, this is all the information that we can provide to you. If you require further information, then we recommend you contact the finance house yourself.

Do you tell how much finance is outstanding?

No. Due to Data Protection, finance houses will only disclose this information to the account holder. If you are in the presence of the account holder, then they may give you more details only after confirming some security details with the account holder.

My text says ‘may be on finance’ What do i do now?

Sometimes we need to verify the finance with the bank. When this is the case, we will notify you with a text message saying ‘The Irish Finance Check 403xxxx indicates the vehicle 09d100xxx may be on finance and requires us to contact the bank for verification during business hours’. When this happens, we are contacting the finance house to get a live result. You do not need to do anything. You will receive another text message shortly after with the verified result. If the check is done outside office hours, then it will be the following working morning.

How long does it take to clear the finance on a Vehicle?

When a payment is received by the finance house, it normally takes up to 10 working days for the vehicle to be clear of finance. In that time, we can tell if the finance house has received a payment or not, but it cannot be cleared until the finance house tells us its clear.Finance is now clear, do I need to do a new check?

If a payment to clear the finance was made more than 10 working days ago and you are sure the car is clear from finance, you will need to carry out a new finance check. This is because we need to run the check again as sometimes vehicles can be put on finance again with a different finance house during that period. To prevent this, you need to run the finance check again which will check the finance against all the finance houses including the one that has cleared the vehicle.

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