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List of company requirements to facilitate the driver education programme:

  • Confirmation of availability to a classroom containing computers for each student, a projector, speakers and small car park area to undertake the driving and practical part of the course

  • Exact student numbers

  • Exact start and finish times of classes

  • Break times

  • Boy / Girl class ratio

  • Special needs requirements


Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the minimum amount of students needed to run the course?
A. The minimum we cater for is 2 students but stated course fee still applies to make the service cost effective. On the other hand, there is no maximum group size.
Q. What are the class times of the course?
Classes generally begin at 9.00am and finish at 3.30pm or are structured to accommodate
Q. Are courses run nationwide?
A. Yes, distance is not an issue as we work in every County in Ireland.
Q. At what age can our students take ‘The Theory Test’?
A. At the age of 15 a young person can do the theory test. As tutors we advocate this so that the young person is fully equipped at the age of 17 to apply for their first provisional licence.
Q. Is a high level of computer literacy needed to undertake the course?
A. No, a basic standard of computer literacy is all that is required to fully partake in any of the courses we provide.
Q. Do the students have any record of course completion?
A. Yes. Each student receives a stamped certificate of course completion signed by our tutors and teachers alike.

Q. What is the meaning of love?
A. Coming soon…

Online Theory Test

Try the online Driver Theory Test
Great Experience

Great Experience

Exciting, fun, informative and above all collaborative with students, teachers and schools

Huge Groups

Huge Groups

We cater for as many students as you need!! just need to plan days activities that suit the school.

Practical and Value

Practical and Value

The most practical student driving course in Ireland, great value for money!